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Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I can fulfill all the needs a production will have throughout Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia & Peru.

I offer a complete service as a location manager & scouter and fixer.

I have one of the most comprehensive location’s archive available in the region, a long experience as a producer and a university degree in journalism that help me to solve any challenge within the times and the highest standards that productions demands.

Ican assist in the search and recruitment of local technicians, runners, drivers, translators, journalists, transportation, accommodation, catering and camera equipment.
Argentina is not an ata carnet country, but I can also help with the temporary importation of your equipment, taking care of all the customs formalities.

I’m here to simplify, organize, solve problems, eliminate language barriers and make your shooting smooth and productive.





Istarted to work in the film industry around 30 years ago.
I switched between experiences in the areas of production, art department and locations with my studies in social communication and journalism, while traveling the world knowing places, cultures, people and languages (besides Spanish I speak English and I am a French translator and interpreter).


o many years of experience and driven kilometers allow me to provide the location, the character or the story that directors and producers always dreamed of but could not find on his or her own.


offer a production service that can be as basic or advanced as needed, from permits or temporary import of equipment to the country to all that a production could need, either tv series, commercials, corporate videos, documentaries and photo shootings. I have a network of suppliers and technicians with the best rates and highest quality of service and flexible to work on any kind of project.




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